Instant Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic dental treatment. Its primary purpose is to restore whiteness to your teeth and brilliance to your smile.

Modern teeth whitening treatments are quick and have immediate and noticeable outcomes.

If you lack confidence in your smile due to dull or stained teeth, SmileBar Treatments are for you. In the new age of constant photos taken on phones, selfies and social media, it’s easy to notice when your teeth are less white than they should be. Rather than give up the treats we love, like coffee, cake and wine, we can restore white teeth to their former condition.

Initial Consultation

Every teeth whitening treatment starts with a consultation by our qualified Dentist Dr Mimansha Pandey. During the initial assessment we discuss the optimal procedure that will deliver the best results.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our treatments teeth whitening treatments are designed to deliver instant results in a single session. We use a maximum legal strength available for cosmetic teeth whitening process.

Why us?

My Dentist Indore Clinic offers best in class teeth whitening treatments since 2012. We have performed over 1000+ procedures in Indore and we pride ourselves on delivering our custom made beautiful perfect smiles.